Sitting around the pit watching his grandfather feed the flames is where Dobee first realized his passion for the grill. Always mystified with the time it took for meats to finish cooking, though he never missed a heartbeat in learning the art of a true grill-master. It was through countless lessons of watching ol’ pop get down and dirty that Dobee started to realize the method to all the madness. He realized that slow cooking, good seasoning and the right fruit wood brought out the best of flavors in all meats. In 1976, a true pit master passed away, leaving DoBee at the age of 16 in charge of the family pit. DoBee smoked his first racks of ribs and cases of chicken with his grandpas homemade barbeque sauce, and has been grilling ever since. In 1979, DoBee joined the United States Army and graduated from Fort Lee Virginia Quarter Master School for food service.  For ten years, his passion grew for serving troops good quality food and he was awarded many awards for going above and beyond his duties to make sure he provided great food and exceptional service. In 2008, DoBee and his lovely wife Tara decided to start their own family business, thus began the saga of DoBees Backyard BBQ. DoBee’s Backyard BBQ provides catering services for customers, delivering delicious food and unparalleled service. ‘We be smokin.’